Viktor Ageev is on display at the Ryazan Art Museum

Viktor Ageev is on display at the Ryazan Art Museum

The exhibition is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Viktor Ageev, the prominent Russian artists in the field of pictural and monumental art. The collection includes over 80 works by the author.

The exhibition will be on display till the 13th of October in the regional Art Museum in Ryazan. Viktor Ageev has been born in 1939 in the Republic of Karelia. In 1959th he has graduated the Ryazan Art School, in 1965th the department of the monumental painting of the Moscow State Stroganov Academy.

In the Stroganov Academy, he has learned from such masters as Voloshko and Borodichenko. Further, until 1975th, he has dedicated his time to teaching in the Ryazan Art Academy.

Viktor Ageev is an artist of the broad profile, who has brightly expressed himself in drawing, pictural art, and monumental art. His monumental works can be found in Ryazan, Yalta, South-Sakhalinsk and other cities of the country.

The drawing has always been one of the most beloved techniques of Viktor Ageev. His portraits of the contemporary in graphite pencil technique go beyond the frameworks of sketches and gain its force and intensity of the ?haracters.

An important period in his artistic career has been dedicated to the theme of traditional art and inheritance. The genre painting and portraits depict the Sapozhkovskie singers, Mikhailovskie lacemakers, ceramists of Skopinsk.

The series of paintings, created by an artist during the last decade represents the continuation of the topic of the inheritance and is dedicated to his family members.

The landscape paintings also have taken an important part in the life of the artist. The careful attention he has paid to the image of the old streets of Ryazan, Kasimovo, Kolomna, and Smolensk.

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