UNWTO Assembly 2019 to be held in St. Petersburg

UNWTO Assembly 2019 to be held in St. Petersburg

This decision has been made already in 2017th in the Chinese city Chengdu. The St. Petersburg has been selected as the most considerable city to be the host of the XXIII session of the UNWTO General Assembly. The session is planned for 9th to 13th of September. Six thousand organization’s members are expected to visit the General Assembly.

The city of Chengdu has held the previous twenty-second session of General Assembly UNWTO in the year 2017. During the session, where St. Petersburg has been selected as the host city of the XXIII session of the General Assembly UNWTO, have participated both, Georgy Poltavchenko, the mayor of St. Petersburg in 2017, and the General Secretary UNWTO 2017, Taleb Rifai.

UNWTO is the main center for collecting, analyzing and disseminating data from more than 180 countries and regions. Holding the General Assembly in St. Petersburg will not only increase the number of visits, but also the whole country would significantly increase the tourists flow, through learning on experience and exchanging the knowledge on a wide range of issues: from promotion technologies of the tourism products to the new education standards and methodologies in the tourism sector.

In this regard, Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the establishment of an organizing committee for the preparation and hosting the XXIII session of the General Assembly of the UNWTO 2019 in St. Petersburg.

In accordance with the document, the Committee is headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko. It includes representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, the Federal Agency for Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Customs Service, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Security Service of Russia, the Government of St. Petersburg and other departments.

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