The International Youth Cinema Festival in Kazan

The International Youth Cinema Festival in Kazan

The participants from Columbia, China and from Europe and Former Soviet Republics are now taking part in the International Youth Cinema Festival "Film for seven days". The event is held in the capital of Tatarstan — Kazan till the 7th of September.

Ten creative teams from all over the world, together with young filmmakers from Tatarstan, will be creating short 7-minute long movies. Within 7 days, the teams will have to film, mount, and present their project to the judging panel. The contest results will be announced on the 7th of September on the closing day.

The participating countries are: Russia, Turkey, Poland, Denmark, Iran, Columbia, Belarus, Tadjikistan, Kazahstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Kirgiziya, Azerbaijan.

100 project teams from 31 countries have applied to take part in the contest, among which have been France, Germany, and Nepal. For the project have been selected screenplays with such topics as "Dialogue of Cultures", "Kazan as a venue for realization of the International and Russian Cinema projects", "New and Popular attractions".

The Minister of Culture of the Republic Tatarstan, Irada Ayupova has commented that this is a new format of the Film Festivals. It makes possible to present Tatarstan from an unusual side — as the venue for filmmaking. It also allows young cinematographers to exchange the experience and get bond with international colleagues.

The works of the nominees will be evaluated by the member of the European Film Academy, director of the Tampere Film Festival Jukka-Pekka Laakso, film expert and producer Hanna Mironenko, distributor and producer Laurent Danielu, General Director of Nevafilm Oleg Berezin and director, Tatarstan producer and screenwriter Alexei Barykin.

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