Free E-Visas to St, Petersburg

Free E-Visas to St, Petersburg

Beginning from 1st of October 2019, the foreign tourists will be able to visit St. Petersburg and Leningradsky region with a free-Visa. The respective presidential decree has been signed by Vladimir Putin.

Currently, the foreign tourists already can visit Russia with a free Visa in the Far East region and in Kaliningrad. The implementation of a similar document has been discussed between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Beglov, the alternate mayor of St. Petersburg.

The experts express the opinion that the city will only benefit from the new decree. Primarily it will affect individual tourists who arrange their trips on their own. It will also benefit the MICE segment, as it will ease the process of arrival for delegates.

St. Petersburg has an extensive convention and conference infrastructure. "A number of the major events are already held in St. Petersburg", comments director of JSP Business Travel Victoriya Pechenkina — "The possibility to combine cultural and event program would attract quite some foreign companies". Though experts conclude that the free Visa project on its own would not attract tourists; it is important to ensure publicity.

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